Metro Plastic Manufacturer Sdn. Bhd. is an established plastic bags manufacturer company business located in Perak, Malaysia. We use modern and systematic manufacturing and management approaches. Our founder has 25 years experienced in manufacturing plastic and our company is fully equipped with high-technology equipment and machines.

Bottom Seal Poly Bags

Non-Entrapment Seal,
K-Seal or V-Seal Bags

Garbage Bags

Bags & Sheets
Perforated on Roll

Our company Metro Plastic Manufacturer Sdn Bhd place emphasis on effectiveness, efficiency, quality control and responsible working attitudes to achieve a higher customers’ satisfaction. Our motto is To achieve high efficiency and quality service to our customers.


Our company has a very good platform for us to develop and achieve success. We are always on the look for suitable candidates to join our company.


Submit your resume and cover letter to [email protected] or contact us to find out more about available vacancies.